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Current Open Roles

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Social Events and Volunteers Convenors - Role Description:

Are you a people’s person who thrives on interactions to actively promote a vibrant and social Willoughby community?

The Social Events and Volunteers convenors lead the coordination of large events from concept to execution. These are events with over 500+ participants e.g. Family Fun Day, Parents Gala, Art Fairs, Mother’s and Father’s day breakfast etc.

The convenors will:

  • Ideate and coordinate large programs/ events that best meets the needs of the school community and form ad-hoc event-based planning committees where needed.
  • Oversee regular events and provide leadership support to the parent volunteers and the class parents and make changes to the Event Framework where needed.
  • Ensure effective and well-coordinated staffing of events through volunteers and compliance around volunteer declarations.
  • Work with the VP Events to:
    • Suggest changes and provide relevant information to social/fundraising events on the calendar.
    • Present budgetary requirements for events requiring financial outlay for approval for maintaining healthy budgets and positive cashflows.
    • Manage and Coordinate venue, suppliers, and other stakeholders for the Events.
    • Attend general P&C meetings and provide updates at P&C meetings on matters relevant to social/fundraising events.
    • Communicate information about social/fundraising events to parents via all the comms channels.

Expected Level of Effort: The demands of this position can fluctuate but on average looks like 15 hours per quarter (3 months) with bulk of the time in the preparation and running of large events.

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Fundraising and sponsorship convenors - Role Description:

Are you good at finding supporters, donors and sponsors? Are you good at sniffing out opportunities for funding and writing grant submissions?

  • The fundraising and sponsorship convenor helps to plan, oversee and co-ordinate any fundraising opportunities with the big events convenors and the VP Events. They lead and own sponsorship and marketing opportunities with local businesses to be leveraged for donations and fundraising for our large events.
  • The Fundraising convenors will:
  • Co-ordinate and chair fund raising initiatives to plan and discuss ideas which will then be taken to the P&C executives for approval by the P&C.
  • Organise fundraising initiatives (for specific causes, purposes or events) to support the annual fundraising efforts of the P&C.
  • Lead fundraising as a campaign; set up sponsorship packages; marketing content creation support, local businesses communications.
  • Review grants that WPS P&C can apply for and lead writing submissions.


Expected Level of Effort: The demands of this position can fluctuate but on average looks like 8 hours per quarter (3 months) with bulk of the time spent offline cultivating contacts in the local community and businesses liaising with the community magazine lead.

Register Interest

We extend this register of interest to our community – to families, grandparents and other family members interested in helping out. Regsiter your interest here - https://forms.office.com/r/m4KN6wKaM1


  • What is the working relationship between sub-committees and the P&C Association?

    Sub-committee have delegated authority as outlined in the rules put in place by the P&C Association and are fully accountable to the P&C Association. Each sub-committee must operate within the rules set by the P&C Association.

  • Does a sub-committee “own” their own money?

    No. All monies belong to the P&C Association. All expenditure is tabled through an advanced budget process tabled with the VP Events and approved by the Treasurer, P&C.

  • Does a sub-committee have their own President?

    No. The head of the sub-committee is known as the Chairperson and in this case will be the VP Events, who will be accountable for the overall social events and fundraising aspects of the P&C. The sub-committee is governed by the P&C Association’s Constitution and the rules set by the P&C Association.

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